Simple Tricks in Link Building Success 

Link building is very much crucial for your business because it aids in discovery of your website. The more number of high quality links passes its juice, the domain and page authority of your website would increase. There are numerous SEO pundits out there who has written hundreds of articles on how to implement an effective SEO strategy. All these articles would more or less talks about creating quality content which would in turn offer good value to the target audience.

The idea behind such suggestion is that, these type of content would be consumed by a larger section of people over a longer period of time. This would result in sharing such valuable articles and content gets amplified. This will signal google that the website is valuable and hence promotes up the search ranking.

Discover Guest Posting prospects utilizing Twitter 

Hunting down for guest posting prospects on google may take a lot of time and may even end up waste of time. Be that as it may, yes, there’s a simpler approach to do it. Facebook and Twitter are the 2 social media giants that are generally utilized by organizations and bloggers in distributing their content and looking for people to work with.

A simple trick which you can incorporate when hunting for guest posting opportunities are by searching as follows:

  • “your niche segment” + guest post by [To discover sites for guest posting]
  • “your niche segment ” + guest author [To discover guest authors to write articles]
  • “your niche segment ” + write for us [Posting requirement for guest posting]
  • “your niche segment ” + guest article [To let everyone know that it’s a guest article]

I just tried this technique and check out how I just discovered guest writing opportunities.

Guest Blog Posting OpportunityReclaim Lost Links

Numerous times, we would have found that our article or business is cited on other websites yet they don’t give a link back to our website which may be intentional or unintentional. Hence, it is our duty to proactively reach out to them and request them to link It back to us.

In order to identify who has mentioned about us or anything related to us, we can utilize certain tools such as Google Alerts and BuzzSumo. Google Alerts is a free tool and easier to set up. Hence everyone can try it out. Here, I am sharing a screenshot of setting up a google alerts.

google alert guideYou simply need to enter in the keyword or any phrase which must be monitored and then create an alert by entering your email address. When you click show options, then it goes you some additional options like “How Often” we need to get alerted, from which sources like news, blog, web etc., which languages, regions and so on as shown in the image above.

You can likewise even monitor anything related to your competitors as well.

Competitor Analysis

A standout amongst the best approaches to get backlinks is by investigating what your rivals are doing. We can audit competitor backlink through tools such as ahrefs and identify new link building opportunities. You can get plenty of insights about your rivals and can prove to be a great advantage for you. When you login to the dashboard of ahrefs, you will simply need to put the URL of your rival in the site explorer.

In the results obtained, you will notice a “Referring Domain” tab. Clicking on it will give you a list of domain that are linking to your rival’s website. We can export the links and visit one by one and see if there’s an opportunity to poach a link from those domains which otherwise would not be known to us. Hence, this is an excellent tool which is must have for all SEO professionals in order to compete and succeed in this competitive world.

Watch out this space for more tips on improving your SEO strategy.